About Piano Removal

Allow a minimum of 2 hours for local upright piano removals within the map area, and search for a free period on the Availability Calendar.

Outside this area you may still apply for a quote but extra time and costing will be charged.

Only ground floor to ground floor, or lifts will be considered, and no more than 2 steps. Grand pianos require special quotes.

We have over 30 years experience using one main specialist who works in combination with the client.

The client is needed for their “shopping trolley skills” only, because the mover lifts only one side of the piano and the helper positions the piano trolley. Full instruction is given and this system has been worked for 30 years.

The order form asks for details like gravel surfaces and tight corners.

Distance removals can be quoted for but the best prices are obtained by us putting longer trips together, 2 pianos up the country and 2 pianos by return. This may take several weeks to organise or you may just prefer to pay for a rapid bespoke removal trip and cover our return journey.

We are fully covered by insurance and use an enclosed piano trailer with a gentle ramp so that no sudden drops of height endanger the piano.

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