About Piano Repair

These tend to be a few individual repairs of breakages or non functioning notes, strings, dampers or pedals.

We can be called out on a call out charge plus repair duration, or the repair price can be added to an existing tuning.

Notes Won’t Play

Water or humidity damage cause binding notes. Can be worth using household insurance cover.

Broken hammers. Somebody playing too aggressively or wear and tear. Or the old boxwood construction pre 1900, price to be quoted.

Broken strings. Bass strings need to be made to measure and the materials and fitting start at £30 per string. Treble strings are carried in stock from £12 per string or couplet.


Squeaking pedals or broken pedals.

Notes Won’t Tune

Inharmonicity in old or rusty strings. Need new string.

Tuning pins loose because the wooden tuning block is dry through central heating. Need thicker individual tuning pins on troublesome notes from £12 per new fitted pin.

Keytops Come Unstuck

Ivories need resticking from £10 then £3 per keytop.

Repairs To Fallboard Lid And Top Lid Or Grand Lid

Price on application.

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