Invisible technology and wireless control… The new iQ iPad Air brings invisible technology and wireless control to your piano. You’ll love how easy it is to download, store, organize and play your music from this sleek controller. You can also enjoy endless entertainment with PianoDisc’s free Internet Streaming Radio Broadcast. Take advantage of the iPad’s larger visual display to view sheet music or simply watch PianoVideo performances. The performances iQ iPad Air provides, thanks to SilentDrive HD’s patented, full 88-note system and 1024 levels of individual note expression are nothing less than spectacular.
This installation by a third party looks probable with a complete restoration of a 1930s Grand in our workshop first. If you have grown up with a piano but the player has died, although it is difficult to justify from a purely financial standpoint when older grands are selling on ebay unconditioned for around a few hundred pounds only, what better way to bring back fitting memories and honour to the one remembered by getting a player piano to recreate the very pieces, or band performances that are associated with the loved one. And who knows, it may even encourage you to learn to play them yourself !!!!