Have you hesitated sending a piano to a friend of relation in a completely different region of the country because of cost? By combining upright pianos in both directions we can let our customers share the costs and offer much lower prices by as much as 50%.
Allow 6-8 weeks for us to be able to combine removals in both directions.
Begin by placing your booking on the bookings page. We will give a firm price by return email and if acceptable you will pay a 25% deposit. We will aim to fix a date if one hasn’t been fixed after 4 weeks or so,as close as we can to the 6th to 8th week after booking.
This service can only handle ground floor to ground floor deliveries with no more than 2 consecutive steps at any time, (ie 2 garden steps, a piano sized gap and then 2 more steps into the house is possible). Pianos have to rest for at least 4 weks after removal to acclimatise before they can be tuned. We offer a tuning service for tunings local to us on the South Coast, otherwise choose a tuner in your area.
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