Emerson Lake and Palmer were quite a huge influence in my life. As a subscriber to emusic.com I couldn’t help but be aware of recent concerts 2010-14, and even downloaded some emusic tracks of these. But Keith it turns out was fighting a physical condition in one hand and it seems one particular email may have helped tip him over the edge. He was due to play in Japan and a hateful email said he shouldnt play any more as he wasnt any good now.
At one point in his American home he reached a point of despair about his worsening condition and put a revolver to his head. This is incredibly sad. Especially as I myself in my own limited success had to come to a point where I nolonger hide behind Christian music ministry but recognise my total validity with or without music.
This week I have been invited to repair Keith’s Steinway upright that is in Aaron his son’s home here in the UK.